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Lighted Signs
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Markham Lighted Signs

Upgrade your already professional-looking signage into a more striking one, promoting your business even during the night. Markham lighted signs from Mark Your Space can provide everything you need to increase business visibility and attract more customers no matter the time of day!

custom illuminated channel letters

Our team of designers, fabricators, and installation experts can collectively create customized lighted signs no matter how much your budget is. Our years of industry experience and top-quality materials have given us the confidence of giving you nothing less than long-lasting signs that look and work perfectly.

We are ready to customize your signage, ranging from indoor to outdoor lighted signs, guaranteeing your complete fulfillment of the finished product.

Still staying within your budget range, your signs are made perfectly to fit your installation space and meet your design specifications.

Call Mark Your Space today at (708) 518-3634 for your Free Consultation with a Markham Lighted Sign expert!

Traditional Neon Signs

The irresistible retro vibe provided by neon signs will definitely make you stand out. People appear to be allured, especially at night, by this unique advertising tool. Traditional neon signs, on the other hand, are expensive to purchase and maintain. Their use of energy is also harmful to the environment.

custom neon signFortunately, there is some excellent news from Mark Your Space. You can now use our high-quality LED signs to proudly display your promotional goals. These signs, like traditional neon signs, are made of thin polymer tubes and are sufficiently flexible to be fashioned into almost everything. We can shape it to your company’s name, slogan, logo, or any other symbol that will represent your business.

LED signs can even outperform neon signs in terms of cost-efficiency and lesser energy consumption. While they have the classic neon appeal, they are environment-friendly marketing tools, and you can avail them at an affordable price.

You can really never go wrong with our chart-topping Markham lighted signs—LED signs!

Lighted LED Signs

Aside from the fact that LED signs include flexible tubes that are the best neon substitute, there are other types of these signs. LED signs can be purchased as standard signage that is activated by the LED lighting as well.

Cafe Icon Lighted Storefront Sign Channel LettersWe can provide cabinet signs, channel letters, and other types of business signs that can be illuminated with LED lighting. Our experts can also assist you in improving and maintaining your visibility to attract more customers at any time of the day.

We highly recommend this type of sign for late evening or 24/7 outdoor advertising. Convenience stores, bars, restaurants, gas stations, theaters, and hotels are among the most frequent businesses that use illuminated signs. No matter the weather condition or how long you will use it, you can be assured that lighted LED signs from us are able to survive.

Indoor Lighted Signs

In addition to transforming your storefront, lighted signs can improve and enhance your interior, making your customers better appreciate and remember your business.

Royal Cyber - Indoor Backlit Lobby SignIndoor lighted signs are beneficial in persuading clients to make repeated purchases, adding extra appeal to your establishment and outstanding competitors!

Bearing your company name or logo, LED signs made of polymer tubes can be presented as a welcoming sign in your lobby. When formed into different images, quotes, and other aesthetical elements, they can enhance the atmosphere of your interior and reinforce your brand image.

They can be used to identify order/pick-up stations, restrooms, check-out counters, and exits since LED lighted signs can also be used as navigational aids.

Programmable Digital Message Centers

Programmable digital message centers are one of our most popular Markham lighted signs. At a budget-friendly price, you can already add a contemporary look to your company, allowing you to attract customers from younger generations.

Dairy Queen Pylon SignThey are also quite easy to modify whenever their display needs to be upgraded. As a result, our digital message centers are perfect for displaying prices, special offers, and new promotions. You can attract more passersby who will indeed remember your business.

We are equipped with LED screens that display full-color or monochrome images with high resolution. Whether used as standalone signs or in conjunction with other types of signage (like monument signs and pole signs), these signs won’t disappoint.

Full-Service LED Sign Company

The long years that Mark Your Space spent in the signage industry have given us the necessary skills and knowledge to design, fabricate, and install all types of business signs precisely. You can be confident that the final product is cost-effective, durable, and of the highest quality since we only use top-grade materials in all our signs.

Markham Lighted Signs illuminated cabinet channel letters outdoor install 300x225Our team caters to all types of businesses that need high-quality lighted sign in a quick and efficient way. We also assure you that your signage will become a reliable marketing tool enhancing your company’s professional and interactive image.

Imagine a flawlessly bright light with our ever-recommended LED signs. Your business would remain an attraction to your probable customers for a long time.

And if you choose our high-quality LED signs, you can expect bright lights that will work flawlessly for a long time. We collaborate with electrical experts who will guarantee adequately powered signs that are durable enough so untimely damage or defective lights will never be your problem.

You can count on Mark Your Space when it comes to long-lasting and affordable signage. Whether for outdoor or indoor signs and promotional or informational graphics, we will deliver!

Free Lighted Sign Consultation

Mark Your Space is ready for a big makeover of your storefront. Our lighted sign experts are prepared to speak with you to start planning a sign that will attract as many customers as possible. Boost your visibility at the lowest possible cost, fully outshining your competitors!

Indoor signs are also within our line of expertise. Our lighted signs will give highlight to every corner of your interior design.

Call Mark Your Space now at (708) 518-3634 for your Free Consultation with a Markham Lighted Sign expert!